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Transform HR operations by seamlessly integrating workforce planning, talent strategy, and fair compensation practices. This connection across HR, finance, and operational plans optimizes workforce management, ensuring precise scenario analysis and talent strategies that align with the budget. Address skills gaps effectively, streamline headcount management, and adapt to hybrid working models for strategic talent deployment. Navigate evolving business challenges with enhanced precision and agility in HR operations.

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Optimizing Capacity Planning​

Reduce both your under and overstaffed periods across your enterprise. By planning your front and back office capacity in a cloud based solution, our customers save on average 5-7% on labor spend. Savings are derived from time savings at the planner level, improved forecast accuracy, and minimized staffing gaps at the associate level.

Contact Center Planning​

Struggling with high-volume customer interactions? Our solution streamlines contact center planning for enhanced efficiency. Say goodbye to complexities in forecasting calls, planning workforce, and tracking expenses.

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Role & Skill-based Strategic Planning​

Develop strategic plans for talent acquisition, informed by key workforce metrics. Optimize performance through role prioritization and collaborative development. Use EPM platforms for "what-if" analysis, assessing changes in salary, training, and skills impact. Enable bottom-up workforce planning by considering attributes such as skills and experience to narrow choices for the best candidate within and across the organization.

Optimize Labor Staffing

Connected planning optimizes labor staffing for efficiency, integrating real-time insights on seasonal demand and skills. Collaboration between HR, finance, and operations enhances productivity, transforming staffing into a strategic advantage. This approach ensures resource allocation aligns with operational needs, minimizing overstaffing or shortages. The result is operational excellence through informed decisions in a dynamic business environment.

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Why Keyrus?

We seek out opportunities to leverage constant change as your competitive advantage. Our team will help you challenge existing solutions to generate new ideas and projects that drive better results.

The Keyrus Innovation Factory is our innovation incubator that operates on an international scale. We iterate on the latest use cases and technological trends with a spirit of respect, fairness, and progress.

Beyond implementing EPM solutions, our team can help you ensure long term EPM success through process formalization, resource empowerment, and data stewardship


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Planning Transformation

Importaco was facing a number of operational challenges that required a software solution to improve their planning processes, integrate their data and enhance their business performance. We sat down with the Director of Information Systems of Importaco, Alejandro Alhambra Garcia, to hear about his experience with change management and leading this initiative.


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