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Integrated Business Planning (IBP) aligns strategy with operations, offering a holistic view of performance, identifying risks and opportunities, and aiding decision-making. It provides a single source of truth, supports forecasting and scenario planning, and empowers users with actionable insights.

Procurement Planning

Our suite of procurement planning solutions help companies address the accelerating Globalisation and the associated complexities in Supply Chain and Procurement.  From budgeting and forecasting, to savings tracking and CAPEX management and much more, find out how Keyrus can support your needs.

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Demand Planning

Through the application of AI and advanced algorithms, gain insight into you forecasts and customer behavior. Drive inventory optimization maintaining optimum stock to meet customer demand while minimizing excess inventory. Gain real-time visibility into demand fluctuations to adapt to changing market conditions driving for efficiency and profitability. 

Link financial planning and demand forecasting to gain insight into channel, customer and SKU profitability driving stragetic and operational planning 

Supply Planning

Manage external supplies performance and contracts or internally optimise invetrory levels, production scheduling, materials management. route to market and cost to serve. Drive Real-time collaboration and visibility to mitigate supply chain risk. Ensure on time in full delivery and improve customer satisfaction 

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Merchandise & Financial Planning

Calculate customer lifetime value by integrating marketing spend, CPA, and customer behavior data across channels. Forecast demand at retail locations, aligning with merchandising team's SKU forecasts and assortment planning. Compare plans, set goals, and expand retail strategy to include operations, renovations, staffing, assortment, and new products.

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Why Keyrus?

We seek out opportunities to leverage constant change as your competitive advantage. Our team will help you challenge existing solutions to generate new ideas and projects that drive better results.

The Keyrus Innovation Factory is our innovation incubator that operates on an international scale. We iterate on the latest use cases and technological trends with a spirit of respect, fairness, and progress.

Beyond implementing EPM solutions, our team can help you ensure long term EPM success through process formalization, resource empowerment, and data stewardship.

What We've Done?

Our Experience

Improving natra´s forecast accuracy through colaborative planning with anaplan


Demand Planning

We met with the manager of Natra’s demand planning who led this initiative. We also discussed the benefits of connected planning for the consumer packaged goods industry. More specifically, how Anaplan can connect different teams along the supply chain for organizational excellence.


Digital Transformation

Importaco was facing a number of operational challenges that required a software solution to improve their planning processes, integrate their data and enhance their business performance. We sat down with the Director of Information Systems of Importaco, Alejandro Alhambra Garcia, to hear about his experience with change management and leading this initiative.

transforming importaco´s end to end planning landscape

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