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With years of experience in helping our clients with sales process improvements, Keyrus perfected the solution that will enable your sales team to sell to the right customers, at the right time, with the right skills.  Elevate your sales performance management with features like territory management, quota allocation, account segmentation, and optimized incentive plans. Predict revenue, inspire sales excellence, and enhance flexibility for future readiness. Improve forecast accuracy with external data sources, and navigate disruptions by evaluating multiple real-time scenarios. This comprehensive solution ensures efficient sales operation management and readiness for evolving challenges.

AI/ML Driven Account Segmentation and Scoring

Leverage intent data and machine-learning models to predict your most valuable accounts and empower your sales reps with marketing insights to prioritize their accounts.

Sales Capacity Planning

Anticipate and forecast potential employee attrition to proactively develop a hiring strategy that aligns with business goals. By strategizing resource deployment, ensure that there is adequate coverage for all client accounts to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

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Territory and Quota Optimization​

Utilize the advanced features of the Anaplan platform to strategically map out sales territories and establish achievable quotas for your sales team. With this powerful tool, your sales reps can concentrate their efforts on targeting the most promising leads, ultimately driving increased revenue and success for your business.

Sales Forecasting

Leverage actionable intent insights to prioritize high-potential opportunities, resulting in increased win rates and larger deal sizes. By implementing standardized sales forecasting methodologies, you can ensure accurate forecast outputs that drive informed decision-making and maximize revenue potential.

Incentive Compensation Modeling

Discover strategic ways to restructure your compensation design in order to reduce costs significantly, all while maintaining a strong incentive structure that motivates and rewards your employees. By implementing innovative approaches, you can achieve cost savings without sacrificing the effectiveness of your compensation strategy.

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Unlocking Untapped Business Value for Your Organization

Maximizing Returns & Results

Leveraged firmographics, buyer's intent data and internal data to identify high propensity-to-buy accounts, providing reps with more insight.


Revenue Increase

Increase win % and deal size with AI/ML

Shifted sales teams' focus from low-value reporting work to high-value sales activities. Clients reported 90% reduction in manual efforts during territory and quota distribution process.

Productivity Gain

Productivity Gains

Efficiencies and automations - Decrease planning time

Client observed a One-Month Acceleration in territory and quote plan rollouts, resulting in an estimated $4.3M annual benefits from starting sales earlier in the year.


Revenue Increase

Faster rollout of plans leads to more time in market for sellers

Staffed the right resource for each account to avoid overpayments in commissions. Client estimated $400K annual saving in commission overpayment.

Cost Benefit

Cost Benefit

Cost reduction - Avoid overpayments in commissions.

Enhanced visibility into balanced territory coverage and fairer quotas that can motivate sales teams and improve sales reps' attainments.


Revenue Increase

Increase quota attainment with better balanced territories

Optimize your salesforce's headcount by right sizing each group, attaining the lowest costs to reach and exceed your sales targets. Avoid expensive over hiring and overpaying, reducing headcount costs.

Cost Benefit

Cost Benefit

Reduce excessive headcount costs by rightsizing your salesforce

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Why Keyrus?

We seek out opportunities to leverage constant change as your competitive advantage. Our team will help you challenge existing solutions to generate new ideas and projects that drive better results.

The Keyrus Innovation Factory is our innovation incubator that operates on an international scale. We iterate on the latest use cases and technological trends with a spirit of respect, fairness, and progress.

Beyond implementing EPM solutions, our team can help you ensure long term EPM success through process formalization, resource empowerment, and data stewardship.


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