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Delivering Agile Financial Planning to support Rohlik's Hypergrowth

Conducting accurate and reliable financial planning can be one of the most significant challenges faced by hyper-growth companies today.

Without an agile planning process in place, companies may struggle to properly scale to their rapid growth. This can be especially problematic if the FP&A process is based on manual spreadsheets and formulas.

Rohlik, a Czech e-grocery retailer that delivers groceries straight to your doorstep, has found this to be the case. Over the COVID-19 pandemic, their business took off as home deliveries soared in popularity. Since then, they decided to implement an FP&A solution on Anaplan for all their planning to be on a centralized platform.

Rohlik fueled for growth

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Complete the form to view the recording of our webinar where we sat down with the CFO of Rohlik; Sonia Slavtcheva. We discussed the challenges Rohlik faced during its financial processes during the early stages of its growth, and how they are now leveraging Anaplan to support its changing organizational dynamics.




Krzysztof Woszczyk

Anaplan Consultant

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Sonia Slavtcheva

Chief Financial Officer


Joris van der Hoeven

Head of Commercial Operations

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