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ESG Planning & Reporting

Plan for a sustainable future using Anaplan and #MakeDataMatter

Leverage the power of the Anaplan platform’s Connected Planning capabilities and Workiva’s automated reporting functionalities to contribute to business and society in a way that promotes innovation and sustainability.


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Solution features


  • Centralize all data for a single source of truth across your organization
  • Dynamically track metrics of ESG goals for historical and future years using real-time data within a selected ESG framework
  • Flex unique scenarios with “what-if” scenario planning to analyze the financial implications and guide decision-making


  • Plan at the level of detail required by your organization’s shareholders and employees
  • Create connections and schedule ESG data extracts from Anaplan to Workiva for dynamic and synchronized planning and reporting
  • Seamlessly communicate with users across your team directly in your reports throughout the planning and review processes
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