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Transforming Sustainability: Harness the Power of the Keyrus ESG Reporting Solution


ESG considerations are now crucial in shaping modern business strategies, reflecting your commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and ethical governance. Demonstrating this commitment, many companies are transforming their operations to elevate the role of sustainability planning. At Keyrus, we understand that sustainability is a multifaceted challenge, involving decision-making across various business units and requiring alignment between internal and external stakeholders. This complexity demands an enterprise-level approach that accommodates diverse views and perspectives.


Pressing Challenges: How companies are affected.

As the reporting period approaches, many companies are facing the pressing need to comply with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) regulations. Compliance is mandatory for most firms, making it essential to understand the requirements and prepare accordingly.

However, several challenges can complicate the process:

  • Uncertainty in Requirements: Many businesses are unsure about the specific information needed for CSRD compliance.
  • Data Availability and Readiness: Ensuring that relevant data is available and ready for reporting is a significant hurdle.
  • Consolidation Challenges: Aggregating and consolidating data from various sources to create a comprehensive report is often complex and time-consuming.

Lead the Way in Sustainability

We put focus on ESG reporting and custom based on clients need. By incorporating ESG metrics into their performance management framework, businesses can enhance Transparency, Mitigate risks, Attract investors, and Drive long-term value creation.


Reduce carbon footprint by leveraging time to time data

Ensuring access to sustainable energy is a critical component of ESG initiatives. Our solution involves analyzing the organization’s carbon footprint to assess and forecast emissions reductions, strategically planning company travel to minimize regional carbon emissions, and integrating emissions data with financial planning and analysis for accurate budgeting.


Enhancing sustainability through emissions reporting and planning

We ensure effective emissions reporting and planning to achieve sustainability goals. By monitoring and visualizing total emissions through comprehensive reports and charts, companies can track their progress. Additionally, forecasting emissions reductions and implementing strategic plans to achieve Net Zero.


Achieving gender equality & empowering women leaders

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls by ensuring equal representation at all leadership levels. Analyze gender ratios and track KPIs like the pay gap to identify disparities and measure progress. This comprehensive approach promotes fairness and inclusivity, driving systemic change in organizational culture and policies.


Strategic workforce planning for gender parity

Optimizing the hiring plan can be done by importing budget data from the FP&A model, tracking year-over-year employee costs, salaries, turnover, and headcount. Additionally, setting and pushing new hire targets to Workforce Planning and FP&A models ensures that gender parity goals are integrated into the broader strategic planning process.

Raising standards, embracing change

Only what gets measured, can be improved - To steer your sustainability journey, it is important that you have a clear path. As a data-driven company we strongly believe that you will need the right data for that.

Collect, track, simulate –and do it well! - With consolidated data collection and multiple data validation steps we help you get an accurate picture. Furthermore, in a true planning solution, you can run scenarios and assess the impact of your actions.

We put you on a fast-track - Not only we provide an end-to-end solution that supports your report generation and tagging, but we can also consult you on ESG matters. We got your back!

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