The Keyrus Anaplan Health Check

To maximize the effectiveness of Anaplan models in connected planning, it’s crucial to implement a series of best practices. Regular evaluations, seamless integrations, user-focused designs, and proactive backlog management ensure models remain functional and aligned with business needs.

Ensure full integration and connectivity of models.
Prioritize user experience for better adoption.
Address backlogs to maintain model functionality.
It's time... for your annual Anaplan health check!

Understand Your Model Design and Challenges

We consult with your key stakeholders to understand your model and challenges, tailoring our approach to your specific needs and effectively addressing critical areas. We ensure our solutions are aligned with your strategic objectives and deliver measurable results. 

Review and Identify Quick Wins

Using Keyrus’ proprietary Anaplan health check scan model, we conduct a systematic review of your lists and line items. This specialized model is designed to identify quick wins that can significantly enhance the performance of your Anaplan environment, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Conduct a Detailed Model Review

Our expert architects thoroughly review your Anaplan models, identifying issues and optimization opportunities to enhance performance. Through detailed analysis, we ensure that your models are functioning at their highest potential. 

Present a Prioritized Improvement Report

We compile and prioritize our findings into a comprehensive report, offering a clear roadmap to enhance your Anaplan models for optimal performance and efficiency. This report provides actionable insights and detailed recommendations tailored to your specific needs. 
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