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Optimizing the impact of IT spend

How the use of Anaplan revamped AB InBev’s IT Capex Management

Managing CAPEX in the modern age requires more than reconciling and tracking expenses, but analyzing potential impacts so that management can make informed investment decisions.

Fill the form to watch our session with Gabriel Mazzafera from AB InBev. He will share how AB InBev is using Anaplan to transform their global IT CapEx management process to make more of an impact with less effort.

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   By watching this webinar you will learn:

  • The reasons why ABI chose Anaplan for their 'Value Creation Next Level' initiative.
  • How this initiative provided clear visibility into the value created by IT investments.
  • How ABI uses Anaplan to save 100+ hours of work each period through automating time-consuming tasks.



Gabriel Mazzafera

Value Creation Specialist


Reka Berces

Senior Anaplan Consultant

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