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Contact Center Planning

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Contact Center Planning

Leverage Anaplan to maximize your customer lifetime value

Solution features

A centralized platform to forecast call and case demand, future workforce capacity plans, and expected case backlogs

  • Import case-level data, call volumes, and average handle times to provide a bottom-up demand forecast of cases and calls
  • Adjust the demand forecast baseline with various business drivers
  • Compare teams and team-specific inefficiencies by looking at use, cost efficiency, and time per activity
  • Leverage in-memory calculations to rapidly analyze actual demand and capacity, recalculate use, and more
  • Create and flex scenarios to support multiple versions of capacity plans using resource and general ledger (GL) costs
  • Combine demand forecasts, capacity plans, and team costs to optimize forecasted case and call allocations
  • Review team and organization performance metrics and adjust team metrics in real time using user-friendly pages and reports
  • Scale and flex the solution to handle organizational growth and future business needs across the enterprise

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